Citrine Cluster
Citrine Cluster
Citrine Cluster

Citrine Cluster

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Citrine is a bright stone which lights up many areas of people's lives. This yellow-orange-golden crystal belongs to the quartz mineral group. The name, Citrine, comes from a French word for lemon, Citron, however, the color of this stone is more golden than lemon-yellow. It is certainly a crystal to be added to your collection as it is full of positive energy and brilliant features. It is not only useful for aesthetic purposes, but is also believed to help you achieve your goals in life.

  • In metaphysics, Citrine has a different spiritual significance, that is of aligning all the chakras. It is connected to the third chakra, Solar Plexus. It stimulates mental power and helps to focus. It activates both, mind and body.
  • It brings happiness, joy, and positivity in life by eliminating the negative energies and vibes. Citrine is one crystal that does not accumulate or hold negative energy, in fact it transforms negativity into positive energy. That is why it is not necessary to cleanse your Citrine crystal unlike others.
  • It opens your mind to new thoughts and increases self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • It induces happiness and joy by relieving you of depression, anger, self-doubt, and mood swings.
  • It is also beneficial for those involved in business and money matters by ushering in success in every venture.
  • Carry this Merchant's Stone or keep it at the desk in your workplace, especially if you have a lot of wealth. It will keep you from becoming greedy or getting too attached to your wealth. It also attracts wealth, success, and prosperity in life, and is especially good for people who are looking forward to start a new business.

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